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Frequently Asked Questions 

No, you don't. Some people come and they just take one. Please know that there are prerequisites to the Somatic Coach Training program. So if you want to take that program, you're going to need prerequisites. In order to map out your learning journey, you are going to want to have a conversation with our team.

Each of the programs' tuition is listed on the respective program page:
Core Centering
Cross Mapping
Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching
Please know that when you're registering for more than one program at a time, there is a tuition savings. Also, when you're registered in a program, and while you're still on program, you want to register for your next program, there's a tuition savings for that as well.

We always mention the next program schedule on the respective program page.
Core Centering
Cross Mapping
Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching
We highly encourage you to look at taking the next possible program for any one of the certification programs. Please know that the Somatic Coach Training program always starts in September, so you're going to want to make sure that you have your prerequisites lined up so that you can register for that program and start in September.

We do have payment plans. We do not have a scholarship program. We have something called a social investment program, where we have added resources and sometimes scholarship that we can offer to people who are going to be using their skills with underprivileged populations. That's a program that you can apply for only after you've registered to start your learning journey. So if you're interested in looking at the program, you can always email us and ask for the link for the social investment program. Otherwise, please know you cannot register and fill out the form for that program until you're actually in class with us.

Yes, as we do, we have continuing education credits that you can get while studying with us. Also, if you're interested in following the ACC path for the ICF, we provide the portfolio path option for those students who want to get their ACC.

Absolutely. We have people who study with us who are experienced coaches all the time. We have coach trainers who study with us. These are really mastery-level somatic skills. When you're already a coach, you're going to be able to integrate them deeply and use them in your practice.

That is definitely something that you want to talk to our team about so that we can help you to map out your learning journey with us, but not just to help you to get through the certification program, to help you to get the results that you really want along the way in your life as well. Because this is really a parallel track when you study with us, you get skills to use with other people, and you're also going to get your own personal transformations along the way.So the best way that you can prepare to talk with our team is to know or to think about, at least, what personal results you would like to see change in your life as a part of taking the programs.

The first thing you're going to do is talk with our student support person who will be able to best direct you to the team member that you should be talking to. So you'll talk with her, and she'll act like a telephone operator and help to get you into the right direction for the person that you need to talk to on our team. And from there, we'll follow up and help you to map out your coaching and your learning journey so that you can get what you need from the programs. Thanks so much for considering the Somatic Coaching Academy, and we look really forward to having you in class.

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