Core Centering Practitioner Certification 
Learn the body mind centering practices
that will make you the go-to
stress reduction expert

In a chaotic world...
teach the body mind centering tools that bring relief.

It's no secret that people are stressed.

Since the pandemic, many people have suffered from unprecedented amounts of stress. In fact, 2020 became the most stressful year in history and it hasn't gotten better since.

Research is finding...

  • Negative emotions are on the rise
  • Reports of worry and stress are off the charts
  • Life satisfaction has seriously declined
  • work engagement is shockingly low

...and all of this adds to the major crises people are experiencing in healthcare, education, corporations, and their communities.

2020 brought many people to their knees and the effects of the stress and loss are far from keeps coming.

The APA reports: We are facing a national mental health crisis that could yield serious health and social consequences for years to come.

There is a great need for practitioners who can teach people the body mind centering tools people need in order to de-stress. There is a great calling for people who are dedicated to helping individuals, leaders and employees learn the most sustainable stress reduction methodology.

"Thank you..."
Imagine the satisfaction of getting an email from a person whose life you touched. Stressed, overwhelmed and unable to navigate daily life... on the brink of burning out... they were struggling and you helped.

Core Centering gives you actionable tools to teach real people who have actual responsibilities, difficulties and challenges how to navigate stressful times so they can be there for the people and projects that matter most to them.
Turn-Key Solutions...
You want to do more... Maybe you have the hands-on skills to help people but you want to do more to help people create lasting changes. Perhaps you have always been facinated by holistic approaches and you want it lead classes and groups. Maybe you want trauma-informed centering practices to bring to your private clients sessions.

You want solutions that you can TEACH and that translate in-person and virtually so that no matter where you are... you can provide actionable solutions to the people who need it most.

Whether you are already a therapist, coach or wellness professional... a leader or manager... or a concerned citizen who wants to offer holistic solutions... this program is for you.
This is for you if you are a...
Health and Wellness Coach

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Wellness Expert

Yoga or Tai Chi Instructor

Corporate Trainer


Massage Therapist

Leader or Manager

Social Worker or Counselor

"You made the difference..."
In just 2 days you can learn the life-changing tools that will make all the difference to people who are struggling. You will be a beacon of light to all who's lives you touch with Core Centering. 
If you want to teach people the body mind centering tools they need to reduce stress so they can be calm and centered...
this training is just for you.
Praise from our graduates...
"I cannot begin to tell you how much it has changed my practice! I have had 3 people tell me this week that I am just “naturally relaxed and calm”. That was not true 5 years ago. Something inside me switched after the Core Centering Program. I am not intimidated by challenging patients any more. And I am ready to head into a new future.

Thank you to the Core Centering Group!

-Anne Guist
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"This is an excellent course. Brian is able to pull together the current scientific literature and apply it to physiology and movement in a way that benefits the practitioner and client. I enjoyed Brian's teaching expertise. He is able to breakdown the information and activities in such a way that it left me feeling successful in the ability to implement the skills taught. I could leave the course and directly apply what I learned to patient care.  I gained knowledge and activities that will bring a daily practice into my life and I look forward to passing on the benefits of this course to my clients. Also, a bonus that Ani shares her soul-centered business coaching skills to bring your practice to the next level."

-Terry Lynch
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"I always look forward to working with Brian and Ani, and inevitably come away from their teaching with a deeper, richer, and more enthusiastic understanding of the work. The CCP training in particular was really valuable to me at this time. It provided a clear and practical method to put across some of the most powerful elements of energy work, all described and broken down into accessible, pragmatic language and movement. I was able to put it to use immediately with my clients and students and appreciated having a new lens to look through when designing new courses or lectures."

-Cris Caviano

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"The CCP training was epic! I am much more confident in my holistic approach to therapy. I am constantly thinking of ways my skills can be used to enhance my treatments. I have begun to see clients virtually as well, which so far has been the most enjoyable experience I have had in my career!"

-Maxine Roeig

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"I used core centering at a workshop a few weeks ago which has turned into my largest contract to date that took them 15 minutes to say yes to after they received the proposal. I have been sharing this practice with anyone who will listen and can’t wait to see what else will emerge!!

-Lauren LeMunyan MCC, ELI-MP, CPC Founder of Spit Fire Coach

When you are a Core Centering Practitioner, you will be able to help people with...

  • Body Pain
  • Chronic Tension
  • Stress
  • HBP
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Emotional Turmoil
  • Negative Thinking
  • Busy Mind
  • Ruminating Thoughts
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All of our programs are approved by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Graduates of
this program can register themselves for this prestigious recognition.
The Core Centering Program is recognized by the International Coaching Federation with 16 CCE, 11 in Core Competencies and 5 in Resource Development.
The Body Mind Centering Tools That Make Up Your Core Centering Toolbox
  • Discover the foundation of bioenergetics science
  • Learn the truth about stress and perceptions
  • Understand how traumatic patterns are held in the body
  • Learn how beliefs are "woven" into the fabric of our physiology     
  • Reveal how the mind generates and protects limiting beliefs
  • Explore the Vagus Nerve's role in stress reduction.
  • Learn the physiology of breathwork including: energy production, immune, and neuroscience
  • Learn breath practices including: coordinated, rooted, lymph, and paced                
  • Learn to leverage breathing as a gateway to balancing the autonomic nervous system
  • Learn the physiology of meditation including: the stress response, neuroscience, and the ANS 
  • Learn meditation practices including: mindfulness, body scan, and wandering smile.
  • Dissolve confusion, negative, and ruminating  thoughts
  • Learn the physiology of self-massage including: reflexology, acupressure, and the ANS
  • Learn self-massage practices including: the 8 primary techniques, acupressure, and primordial tapping    
Core Centering
  • Learn the physiology of conscious movement practices 
  • Vent chronic tension, fatigue, and body pain    
  • Learn the ten Core Centering movements    
  • Learn to direct and guide energy in the body             
  • Teach people to become more energized,  focused, grounded, and aware
Sales and Marketing
  • How to create free offers that lead to clients
  • How to market to and gain new clients
  • How to turn telehealth into a thriving private-pay practice
  • 1 months of follow up business support (in our Slack group) to help you get traction
You also get these bonuses

Value: $5,000

Join our private virtual community that will give you a lifetime of support from other graduates and our team.

Value: $250

Get a full year of business support 

Value: $557

Learn how to use Core Centering to build your business in this exclusive, live, business building workshop.

Following this program, you will be able to:
  • Explain the science that connects the body, mind, and human behavior
  • Demonstrate shifting your client’s physiology into a balanced autonomic nervous system state, releasing chronic tension, anxiety, frustration, and negative thinking
  • Apply the 4 primary elements of Core Centering practice in order to enhance maintaining presence, embodying a flexible, open, and curious mindset, and evoking self and client awareness.
  • Effectively plan and deliver successful Core Centering classes, workshops, and private programs

Benefits of the Core Centering Program:
In this program you will learn:
  • The interplay of thoughts, emotions, physiology, and disease
  • The tell tale sign of limiting beliefs
  • How bioenergetic patterns are created and manifested in the body
  • The ten Core Centering movements
  • The physiology and application of Core Centering: Movements, Breath practices, Acupressure points, and Meditations
  • Exactly how to teach Core Centering to your clients
  • The high integrity system for marketing and enrolling in person and virtual engagements
  • The necessary business skills to launch and run your in-person and virtual practice
  • Learn the links between trauma and the vagus nerve 
  • Practice research supported techniques for strengthening vagus nerve function 
Program Features Include:

  • 16 Hours of Live, Virtual Training
  • Lifetime access to the complete Core Centering video program and resource vault
  • Lifetime* private slack group support to make sure you get up and running! (*lifetime of the program)
  • Turn-Key presentation and workshop materials
  • 2 hour live business building bonus
  • Core Centering Practitioner Certification
 Program Value: $3997
Bonus Total: $5807

Program Value Total: $9804
You only pay: $2387
Or just $599 a month
for 4 months!

Program Dates:
October 27th and 28th, 2023
10 am - 6 pm EST
(Please sign up now. Our program is filling fast and we would love to have you there.)

So many people need you...
this is a great time to get certified!

Which way do you want to pay?
4 Monthly Payments of $599

Just one charge of $2387

What our students are saying about us:
"The interactive approach makes the science "stick", makes it fun and practical to apply."
Sarah Roberts
Workforce Consultant 
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"The instructors are skilled professionals who really know how to help people get results."
Shawna Pelton
Transformational Guide
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"Very well done. loved every minute! :)"
Kristi Staniszewski
PT, CEO private practice (home/community rehab)
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"Do IT! Just sign up, do it, get the benefits immediately!"
Lynn Bonner
Enterprise Agile Coach
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"It was truly amazing"
Janet Staples
Physical Therapist
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"Simply awesome course"
Lee Ann Berkey
MPT/out patient and ALF
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"Brian does a phenomenal job of presenting a tremendous about of information in an organized and digestible fashion.
I felt wonderfully led through both the scientific and physical aspects of the program.
And also appreciate the post-course support from both the instructor and having access to the information in the Vault."
Anne-Marie Wilk
Self employed 
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Be a sought-after stress expert when you have a body mind centering toolbox
Whether you're building your own business, learning how to be a more valuable employee, or leading teams... we will teach you the business building skills to take Core Centering into your business and make it more valuable. We expect you to get in the very least a 10X ROI on your investment.  
At an absolute minimum, we expect you to get a 10X on your tuition investment.
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Brian Trzaskos is a bioenergetics expert and co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation coaching. He is a nationally recognized expert for his work in coaching, training, and mentoring health and wellness leaders as well as human development professionals in the new science of bioenergetics and motivation.  
His experience as a rehabilitation expert and teacher of Eastern healing arts gives him the knowledge base to go deeper than the intellect, deeper than the emotions, to the raw data of the human experience (the sensations) and how that raw data is processed in our nervous system.

With over 25 years and 60,000 hours of clinical experience helping clients find win-win solutions to problems that seemingly had no answers, Brian has become the go to resource for leaders in health and service based sectors who have finally decided to seek a permanent solution to their stress, motivation, and organizational performance issues.

Committed to teaching at the highest levels, Brian is well known for his energetic and compassionate approach to teaching as well as his ability to make even the most difficult concepts easy to understand and immediately applicable in helping people develop the emotional mastery to create lasting impacts in their work, family, and life relationships. He is a highly regarded speaker, trainer, coach, mindset expert, and thought leader in bodymind energetics.
Still Undecided?
Here is how you know you are ready to join the Core Centering Practitioner Training.

You are a Rehab Therapist who wants to serve your clients with the best stress reduction strategies both privately and in group classes

You are a coach and want to make yourself stand out in the marketplace by being a stress and burnout expert with a trauma-informed body mind centering toolbox.

You are a movement teacher and want to be able to teach the absolute best program for stress reduction and burn out to your students.

You are a massage therapist and want ways to save your hands and still make a big difference

You are a therapist or movement teacher who wants to land corporate deals.

You are a leader or manager who wants a super simple, crazy effective strategy for stress-reduction to use with your teams on rinse and repeat.

You are a teacher and you want easy to use, simple strategies to help settle your kids, self and help staff.

You are a social worker or counselor and you want body-centered strategies that will add the "secret sauce" to your client outcomes. 

***Any of the above people will sing the praises of the Core Centering Practitioner Training Program***
If the above resonates...
You're ready to become a Core Centering Practitioner!

 Program Value: $3997
Bonus Total: $5807

Program Value Total: $9804
You only pay: $2387

Or just $599 a month
for 4 months!
Q: When is the next program?
A:  Please check our company calendar for the most up to date programing.

Q: Is the class live or recorded? In person or virtual?
A: Core Centering is live and virtual. This class is NOT pre-recorded and you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

Q: Do I need to take this program to take Level 1?
A:  No. You can register for Level 1 without taking Core Centering. If you desire to go on to Level 2 we ask our students who are not already certified 200 level yoga, tai chi or qigong instructors to take this course at some point in their learning journey.

Q: If I'm already a yoga, tai chi or qigong instructor, should I skip this course?
A:  ALL of our students love this course. Even students who are well educated in the above modalities love this course.

Q: Is this course a yoga course? 
A:  Technically this course is a qigong based course. Shhhh... that's our little secret.

Q: Why don't you call this a qigong course if it's a qigong based course?
A:  Because Core Centering is more marketable to a wider range of clients than qigong. We want you to be able to easily monetize this program so it's specifically designed to use with a wider range of people and is more easily monetized.

Q: How much does the course cost? 
A:  At present Core Centering's tuition is $2387.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?
A:  Yes, you can register for $599 a month for 4 months.

Q: How long is this program?
A:  The program is taught in 2 full day intensives. Students then have 30 days to practice with the group in our virtual community, demonstrate thier competency, and participate in a business building bonus with their cohort.

Q: Can I monetize this class? I want to make money right away. 
A:  YES! We give you turn-key ways to monetize Core Centering and expect our students to start making money using it right away.

Q: It seems so short! How do you teach all of this in only 2 days! 
A:  We've got this program dialed! We've spent our entire lives studying this stuff so you can get it all in 2 short days.

Q: Do you have scholarships available?
A: No. We believe very strongly in helping you develop a new relationship with money. In light of that, we do not want to rob you of the experience of paying in full. We DO however have a really exciting Social Impact program! If you are going to be using this work to create social impact with individuals and/or organizations that need this work... please apply! [Click here apply for our social impact program]

Q: Do you offer any coupons?
A:  No, however when you sign up for Level 1 and Level 2 at the same time, we gift you Core Centering. That becomes a $3387 savings on your program tuition when taking all three programs.

Q: In what settings do your graduates use Core Centering?
A:  In all settings. Our graduates use Core Centering with their private clients, in classes, group programs, as a part of trainings, workshops and retreats. Core Centering can be found in wellness centers, factories, prisons, schools, hospitals and office buildings. Anywhere you find people, you'll find Core Centering. 

Q: I still have questions. Can I speak to someone on your team?
A:  Yes! Please book a call with our student liaison below. 

Do you still have questions?
Schedule a time to speak with our student liaison.

After I sign up... what happens next?

Step 1: Enroll in the Core Centering Practitioner Certification Training

Step 2: Receive a welcome email with program details and your licensure agreement

Step 3: Gain access to our virtual community and program vault

Once you sign up to get certified as a Core Centering Practitioner, you will feel more relaxed and confident and be able to help others feel the same!