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The Cross Mapping Method, which is a confluence of neuroscience, mindfulness, and energy medicine, allows you to help clients sustainably re-pattern physical pain, joint stiffness, and muscle weakness as well as emotional challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, and debilitating fear.  Your clients will be able to think clearly, move freely, and feel empowered to take action towards their goals with purpose and confidence when you use this mental health coaching technique. Using the principles of energy medicine, but not needing to put “hands-on,” this inquiry technique is simple to use and works with anyone, anywhere, every time, giving you predictable results to move clients toward exceptional mental and physical wellbeing.

Coaches and holistic professionals love using Cross Mapping because it gives them a systemized way to navigate their client’s most difficult emotions.  Manual therapists report that Cross Mapping helps their client’s muscles soften, making it easier on their own hands and bodies as they affect client change.  Our students have a saying about Cross Mapping that, “When you work the process, the process works…. every single time.”

It's the mental health coaching technique that everyone needs in this post-pandemic world.
Cross Mapping Starts October 16th, 2024.
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"I use the Cross Mapping Method with my PT clients as a tool when I’m curious about potential emotional barriers to their physical “issues.” I had NO idea how to do this before and it was super frustrating. I don’t know, to date, of any other method that gets real results (and as quickly) and comes from the client themselves as Cross Mapping.”
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Kate LaValley
Physical Therapist
Coaches, therapists, managers, and leaders who want skilled mental health coaching strategies get amazing results using Cross Mapping.

Learn the cutting-edge trauma-sensitive approach that uncovers anyone’s innate motivation.

Over 90% of people have directly experienced trauma which means it’s impossible to stay away from people who need trauma-sensitive approaches to coaching. Mental health coaching strategies are needed now more than ever and you do NOT need to be a therapist to help people thrive!

Difficult clients? They won’t be difficult for you when you know Cross Mapping. In fact, you will be the sought-after coach who knows how to work with anyone because you have a calming presence and predictable outcomes with any client. 

Manual Therapists

    Save your hands!

    When you use Cross Mapping you can soften the tissue without having to do anything at all. Stop working so hard and create raving clients who love to come back for more!

    Feel like the neighborhood bartender? Of course, you do! People reveal all kinds of secrets and stress to their massage or manual therapists. Most therapists have no idea what to do with that personal information and think… “Should I go back to school to learn psychology?” No need when you know Cross Mapping! You'll know the mental health coaching skills to be a wellbeing expert!

    Holistic Practitioners

    Stop scrambling for clients.

    You have a powerful ability to help people and feel like you’ve got to continually convince people that holistic methods are amazing.

    Stop convincing.

    When you know the Cross Mapping Method you no longer have to try to convince people. You will always know what to say in order to help you get and keep clients.

    Managers and Leaders

      If you’ve ever fantasized about bringing holistic and alternative medicine practices to the office (because you know they work)… now you can! But don’t worry… no one will know… because when you use Cross Mapping it will be invisible! 😊 Shhhh! Your secret will be safe with us.

      When you use Cross Mapping, you’ll bring the mental health coaching skills that make you a sought-after expert in helping people solve their problems. And no one will have to know you’re using energy medicine to work your magic. 

      What I appreciate most about SBMC is this model is client-driven and client-centered. Traditional case management directs clients through the established process that’s usually a “one size fits all” approach. However, coaching guides clients in making their own choices, determining their own values, and charting their own course that will lead them towards a divine purpose. The Cross Mapping Method expands awareness with respect to our commonalities rather than our differences.

      I use it all the time within the prison system where I work. I find Cross Mapping helpful when I’m facilitating a restorative circle between a “victim” and “perpetrator”. After the victim expresses their experience of the harm resulting from the “perpetrator’s” actions, I then ask the “perpetrator” to describe an experience from their life that resulted in comparable feelings to the “victim’s”. Once there’s awareness of the alignment in feelings between “victim” and “perpetrator” I will then guide them both through Cross Mapping and it’s very powerful."

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      Heather Newcomb
      Case Manager,
      VT Works for Women

      Get predictable results, with anyone, every time…making you the sought-after expert people are looking for!
      Cutting edge energy medicine in the form of mental health coaching skills:
      Cross Mapping Method Practitioner Certification


      By the completion of the program, the student will be able to…

      • Implement a trauma-informed client-centered approach
      • Identify signs of limiting subconscious patterns without needing to be a psychologist
      • Gently release client’s fight/flight/freeze reactions
      • Navigate through any emotional defensiveness with compassion 
      • Know exactly what to do when someone gets emotional
      • Re-Pattern pain and discomfort without putting “hands-on”
      • Uncover hidden motivation in seemingly resistant individuals
      • Integrate Sensation-Based Motivation methods into current vocational framework 

      After completing the Cross Mapping Method program you will have:

      • Cutting-edge bodymind assessment tools, allowing you to detect the most subtle cues in your clients subconscious
      • Compassionate and highly effective trauma-sensitive coaching tools including; Bioenergetic body awareness, Sensory Magnification, Cross Mapping for Physical Pain, Cross Mapping for Emotional Pain
      Cross Mapping is approved by the American Drugless Practitioners Association and the Energy Medicine Professionals Association

      "My clients are often in fight or flight or in their blind spots. They feel they have no power and don’t know what to do. This isn’t true anymore when they utilize the Cross Mapping Method. I use Cross Mapping as one of my very first “go-to” tools with my clients. It’s a dual empowerment tool. It is a process that I do with my clients and also teach them to do it for themselves. Its biggest impact is that it directly shows the ease of choice and it is very effective.”
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      Janice Grodsky
      SBMC Coach
      What can Cross Mapping be used for?
      Truth be told, our graduates continually come up with new and innovative ways to use Cross Mapping!
      Here are some of the challenges Cross Mapping can be used to overcome:

      • Chronic pain
      • Headaches
      • Back pain
      • Deconditioning
      • Functional movement issues
      • Better sleep
      • Dysfunctional eating
      • Decreased addictive behavior

      • Releasing anxiety
      • Releasing stress
      • Releasing fear or phobia
      • Releasing sadness or grief
      • Releasing guilt and shame
      • Releasing resentment or regret
      • Releasing anger and frustration
      • Releasing negativity
      • Finding hope, positivity, resilience
      • Finding forgiveness, gratitude
      • Finding joy
      • Creating goals
      • Developing accountability plans
      • Developing focus

      • Finding and maintaining purpose
      • Releasing limiting thinking
      • Releasing the fear of or pain of rejection
      • Decreasing self-sabotaging and self-criticism
      • Raising self-worth, self-awareness
      • Connecting with higher self, intuition
      • Manifesting
      Download the program syllabus here:
      "I would like to begin by saying that Ani and Brian are two of the most incredibly genuine people I have ever met, and I am so grateful for them! Words cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart for these two and the impact they have in my life. They lead with love and understanding in their teachings and are brilliant in what they have developed in the past over 30 years to create the SBMC program. This program has completely transformed my life!”
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      Kasia Brzeszcz
      SBMC Graduate, Fitness Instructor
      All of our programs are approved by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, meaning that graduates of our program can register themselves for this prestigious recognition that will set them apart from any leader or organization that values natural and holistic solutions.
      What people are saying about using Cross Mapping
      Course Details
      Location: Online

      Included: Virtual community, personal mentoring, business building support, certificate of completion

      Tuition: $3997 or a $550 deposit followed by 5 payments of $697.

      *Cross Mapping can be taken as a stand alone program or as a part of our Somatic Coaching Training Program. For more information about our Somatic Coach Training program, CLICK HERE.

      If you can answer YES to any of these questions, becoming a Cross Mapping Practitioner is perfect for you!
      • Are you a manual therapist who wants to save your hands and BUILD on your career?
      • Are you a coach who wants to get amazing results with every client, every time using trauma-sensitive mental health coaching approaches? 
      • Do you love psychology but aren’t going to go back to school for Ph.D.?
      • Are you a holistic practitioner who wants to be known as a sought-after resource for your community?
      • Are you a case manager or social worker who knows there is a better way to empower your clients but you have yet to find it?
      • Are you a manager or leader who is a closet holistic and alternative medicine junkie?

      You’re a perfect fit! Register today!
      Which way do you want to pay?
      $550 deposit followed by 5 payments of $697
      Just one charge of $3,997
      What people are saying about using Cross Mapping
      "When I was first introduced to cross mapping I pretty much dismissed it as magical thinking. But during a hike that weekend when my right hip felt out of sorts, followed naturally by the knee, I decided it was worth a shot. After a while focusing only on my left side visualizing all the joints and muscles and tendons working well in unison to my astonishment the pain on the right side had faded.  Magical thinking or not this technique works for me. I use it for everything from the usual aches and pains that happen during  hiking and cycling to, most recently, fatigue on my left side after too many hours pounding hard marble floors during a tour of the Vatican!  Great technique for anyone who wants to enjoy an active lifestyle!"

      -Kathleen Holtzman
      Cross Mapping Starts October 16th, 2024.
       Register and get started today! 
      Q: Do I have to wait to register or can I start right away?
      A:  You can register today and start right away. You will gain immediate access to your program vault (after your program agreement has been signed) so that you can start learning right away.

      Q: Is the class live or recorded? In person or virtual?
      A: All the classes are live and virtual.

      Q: Do I need to take this program to take Level 2?
      A:  Yes.

      Q: If I already have other somatic coaching or therapy certifications, can I skip this program and go straight to Level 2?
      A:  No. The Cross Mapping curriculum has a number of foundational elements and teachings that are critical to your success in the Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching program. You must take it as a part of the Somatic Coach Training Program.

      Q: Is this course for therapists or coaches? 
      A:  Both. This is not a coaching course, the Cross Mapping Method is a tool used by both therapists and coaches. If you are already a therapist or a coach it can easily be integrated into what you already do.

      Q: I still don't understand what Cross Mapping is. Can I see it? 
      A:  The easiest way to understand what Cross Mapping is is to experience it for yourself. Join our certified graduates in a private coaching session and request to use the Cross Mapping Method... experience it's power for yourself! [Click here to schedule your session.]

      Q: How much does the course cost? 
      A:  At present the Cross Mapping program's tuition is $3997.

      Q: Do you offer a payment plan?
      A:  Yes, you can register with a $550 deposit followed by 5 monthly payments of $697.

      Q: How long is this program?
      A:  Cross Mapping takes place over the course of 3 months.

      Q: Can I start monetizing this right away?
      A:  If you are already a therapist or coach, you can start adding Cross Mapping and the other skills you learn into your practice right away. This class isn't designed to teach you how to coach. If you are new to coaching and are going to be joining us for Level 2, you will get access to the business building bonuses that are a part of the Level 2 program and because of that some students who are not yet coaches do start coaching as they are learning the Cross Mapping Method. The way our students start to monetize the Cross Mapping Method is by using it with their clients and quickly being the "go-to" resource for even the most challenging client scenarios which garnishes them immediate referrals, amazing testimonials and case studies.

      Q: When do your student start to report they feel like they have gotten their monies worth from this program? 
      A:  We regularly have students tell us that their insights were worth the cost of their tuition on session 2. This content will blow your mind.

      Q: Do you have scholarships available?
      A: No. We believe very strongly in helping you develop a new relationship with money. In light of that, we do not want to rob you of the experience of paying in full. We DO however have a really exciting Social Investment program! If you are going to be using this work to create social impact with individuals and/or organizations that need this work... please apply! [Click here to apply for our social impact program]

      Q: In what settings do your graduates use Cross Mapping?
      A:  In all settings. Our graduates use the Cross Mapping Method with their private clients, in classes, group programs, as a part of trainings, workshops and retreats. Cross Mapping can be found in wellness centers, factories, prisons, schools, hospitals and office buildings. Anywhere you find people, you'll find Cross Mapping.

      Q: What kind of results do you find your graduates get from using Cross Mapping with their clients?
      A:  Our students use the Cross Mapping Method to help people eliminate chronic pain, chronic stress and lifelong patterns of anxiety. Cross Mapping is being used in organizations to increase productivity, engagement and motivation. It's being used in prisons to reduce recidivism and increase employment retention following discharge. It's being used in hospitals for back pain, neck pain, knee, hip and joint pain. It's being used by coaches to help people overcome lifelong patterns of fear and resistance to change. It's being used to help people make more money in their businesses, grow, scale and lead. Our students find novel uses for the Cross Mapping method all the time! And we hear regularly that our student's clients say that Cross Mapping helped them more than years and years of therapy.

      Q: I still have questions. Can I speak to someone on your team?
      A:  Yes! Please book a call with our team by using the button below.

      Still have questions?
      Schedule a time to speak with us.