Somatic Coaching Certification Program
A trauma-sensitive and research supported approach to coaching
Mastery is what you seek.
Get it with a Somatic Coaching Certification.
More than your job title or professional credentials, what really matters to you is the impact you’re making.

Now more than ever practitioners need to be able to deliver deep and sustainable breakthroughs for their clients. Having a somatic coaching certification provides you with the expertise to help even the most challenging or resistant clients create sustained motivation and mental wellbeing.   

Would you like to be the kind of practitioner who:

  • Gets miracle-like results with your clients...
  • Knows exactly how to navigate difficult emotions and resistance..
  • Is doing work that consistently provides empathy-driven breakthroughs and sustainable behavioral change that leaves clients raving about your services..

Instead, are you;

  • Working with clients who are stuck in “maintenance mode” or make excuses for why they haven’t progressed?
  • Working dollar per hour and feeling the effects of the “hamster wheel”?
  • Settling for helping people feel better rather than truly changing issues at the core?
  • Longing to understand the deeper work than you are able to currently provide?
  • Feeling like you are “missing a piece” that will pull all of your knowledge and expertise together?

Measure your impact by the transformations you give your clients and the amount of energy you receive in exchange.
If you’ve been looking for the deepest, most profoundly transformational experience you can give your clients (and yourself!) in the simplest form – a somatic coaching certification is what you're looking for.
“I used my somatic coaching skills to help myself quit my job and start my own practice, which doubled my salary and I’m working way less.”

Kate LaValley
Owner Insight Moves Physical Therapy

The problem is with outdated systems.

THIS is the Age of Change.

THIS is your Somatic Coaching Certification.

Old systems are crumbling and new systems will be created. Billions of people are part of this global transformation. Everyone is shifting… everyone is changing… not everyone is consciously along for this ride.

What isn’t working—

Intellectually exclusive personal development isn’t working: People have heard enough of the “think positive” mentality. And it isn’t helping them. Coaching that disallows a full emotional experience isn’t allowing full intelligence to flow. Training that only focuses on the positive aspects of life is neglecting a key truth- life can be challenging. We can no longer meet people with a “pep talk” and expect them to take on a new level of success. Our clients and staff are demanding (and deserve) true compassion and holistic solutions that allow them to be a real human being. Holistic practitioners are HOT in the market place right now, and those that are able to have difficult conversations are more valuable than ever.

Focus on High Performance isn't working: People are getting tired of the high performance "rah rah." People want results. People want to FEEL BETTER. And they want to hear the truth. In this somatic coaching certification program you'll feel like a breath of fresh air. YES we can help people transform their lives, but pushing them, coercing them or dangling carrots (or threatening punishments) is NO LONGER OK.

Big Business systems aren’t working: Consumers are seeing through shiny tactics. New generations want the companies they support to have a heart, soul, and purpose. 73% of Millennials say they are willing to pay more for product and service companies that support social causes. 70% of Gen Z says they will actively engage with companies that can help them make a difference. You can be one of those impact-driven businesses that the market is looking for and craving.

Fancy Marketing systems aren’t working: Most people won’t tell you the facts; in the personal development industry, only 3% of people you reach with an automated marketing system actually become potential clients (and that is if you have a great system!) Disconnected, impersonal marketing no longer works. And that’s just the transformational industry… not to mention healthcare, education, and politics. It’s time for a NEW way. Relationships will win the day today. And many many people need help transforming their relationships. Will you help them?

“I have found the founders of the Somatic Coaching Academy, Ani and Brian, to be two of the most grounded individuals I have encountered in the personal development industry. They are a breath of fresh air- knowledgable, real and relatable.”

Shelly Van Goeye
SBMC, CEO Lucky Penny

Somatic Coaching Certification
REAL transformation. DEEP relationships.

After completing the somatic coaching certification program you will have:
  • The most advanced coaching assessment tools available, allowing you to detect the most subtle cues in your client.
  • The simplest and most effective coaching tools. Why make things complicated when you can laser in and make an immediate impact in your client’s awareness?
  • The deepest methodology that clears the core problems and taps into your clients most authentic potential.
  • The most complete theory in human behavior available in the simplest package… encompassing the greatest teachings in both western and eastern philosophy.
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Be an expert in human behavior

Get to the raw data of the nervous system- the sensations.

First there was IQ – intellectual intelligence.

Then there was EI – emotional intelligence.

We are now in the age of – Physical Intelligence.

When you take this somatic coaching certification program you will harness your clients complete intelligence. 

Action does not arise from thoughts. It does not arise from will. Action arises from our physiology no matter who you are, what you’ve been through, or how successful you’ve been in the past or will be in the future.

When you learn to masterfully work with a person’s sensations you work with the raw data of the human physiology. In essence, you can access their holistic intelligence.

And people can feel it.

Gone are the days where you can just address a client’s intelligence without addressing emotionality. But... how do we easily and completely address both mental and emotional intelligence, as well as the wisdom of spirituality, without getting off on a tangent or getting lost in impractical ideations?

Work with the sensation-base.

It’s simple. It’s profound. It can transform people just because you’re in the room with them. And it creates miracle life results for clients.

Our somatic coaching certification program is a powerful distillation of the following wisdom:

Mindfulness, BodyMind Energetics, Neuroscience, Physiology, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Psychology, Coaching, Eastern Philosophy, Somatics and Holistic Behavioral Research.

Perhaps you’ve experienced having clients who…

  • Couldn’t seem to meet their goals.
  • Get better only to relapse.
  • Won’t do their homework.
  • Have physical symptoms that take their focus away from their work or goals.
  • Experience family problems or other seemingly unrelated setbacks.

Perhaps you’ve personally experienced…

  • Feeling like there is a higher calling for you.
  • Knowing you’re in over your head with client’s emotional needs
  • Thinking body symptoms or seemingly random events that take you off course and you wonder (and know) it’s not a coincidence.
  • Being unsure of how to go really deep with people in a way that is safe because you know that superficial solutions don’t work and that human connection is the most important skill to develop.
  • Wanting to put an end to “band-aid” fixes because you’re dedicated to sustainable, reproducible change.
  • Feeling passionate that the world needs more human-ness.
  • Not being able to help someone change.
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“I am SO grateful for Ani and Brian!!! What a trip that I have been on floundering and not getting clients. Once I started the somatic coaching certification program and speaking from my heart, the clients flocked in!”

Augusta Good Krahl
ICF Certified Coach

Your Partners in Revolutionary Transformation
Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos have over 45 years and 86,000 hours of client experience. As rehabilitation specialists, they both took a revolutionary approach to client care, leaving the broken Western Medical System and Insurance reimbursement model behind to start their own private pay private practices.

From there they grew two thriving wellness centers, both in their tiny home town of 4,000 year round residents.

Having become the “people who you go to when the doctor doesn’t know what is wrong” Ani and Brian knew it was time to begin teaching on a global scale. The Somatic Coaching Academy is their second global training institution.

Ani and Brian have clients around the world, are seen as thought-leaders in their field and hold space for thriving communities of dedicated service-based professionals. They are highly respected by leaders in the therapeutic and coaching industry, having hosted thousands of trainings between them, and are routinely told that their work has changed the lives of the people they serve like nothing else before.

At the end of the day, Ani and Brian are most proud of their thriving personal relationship and the kind of parents they have chosen to dedicate their lives to being. When they aren’t teaching, they can be found in their little log home in the woods, nestled between the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain in New York.
“The world needs practitioners who are ready to embrace their roles as leaders, educate themselves as professionals, and dare to do more than the systems tell us are possible.”
-Ani Anderson
Who this somatic coaching certification program is for:

Coaches, Holistic Health Professionals, Yoga Instructors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Teachers, Manual Therapists, Fitness Instructors, Kinesiologists, Human Development Professionals and Social Workers.

Some of the results your client’s will achieve following certification:
(These are typical results, however we can not create any guarantees for your clients.)

*Embody confidence to change jobs and leave relationships*
*Start new businesses and grow existing revenue structure*
*Heal relationship problems including long-standing estrangement*
*Begin caring for body, nutrition, self-care and pain management independently*
*Find purpose and create intentional life plans*
*Develop patience and compassion for those previously dismissed*
*Create more monetary abundance and freedom*
*Eliminate stress and anxiety producing symptoms. Eliminate need for medication.*
*Increased capacity to take personal responsibility including voicing difficult issues and creating/maintaining boundaries.*
*Increased energy and vitality to complete tasks*
*Reduced negativity, blaming and unproductive habits*
*The clarity and confidence to “come out of the closet” and be authentic and vulnerable with confidence and grace*

One Method – Many Amazing Results

Somatic Coaching Certification: Program Overview

A powerful confluence of mindfulness, neuroscience, and bioenergetics, Our Somatic Coaching Certification program will teach you the deepest approach to personal transformation by helping your clients become aware of, decode, modify, and reframe the root cause of their emotional content at the cellular level.  This trauma-informed system recognizes that emotions are the driving force of human behavior, and focuses on the most basic and tangible part of the emotional experience- the sensations. Our sensations dictate not only what actions we take in every aspect of our lives, but also create physical issues such as dis-ease, stress, anxiety, and depression when they are misunderstood or ignored.

When we teach you how to systematically access and leverage the raw data of your client’s nervous system, the sensations, any transformation becomes possible for them. You will have the skills and tools to help people quickly go from stuck and resistant to enthusiastic action takers. This makes you a valuable resource for your clients, potential clients, and colleagues. 

Level One:
The Cross Mapping Method Practitioner Training

The Cross Mapping Method is a sensation reframing tool that can be used to eliminate chronic physical pain, emotional stress, anxiety, and other forms of emotional suffering. Rehabilitation therapists use the Cross Mapping Method to eliminate physical pain. Coaches, therapists, leaders, and managers use the Cross Mapping Method to motivate people who resist change toward greater levels of authentic productivity and success.
Level Two:
Sensation-Based Motivation Coach Training

SBMC is a groundbreaking, trauma-sensitive, and research-supported somatic approach that integrates mindfulness, energy medicine, neuroscience, natural law, and bioenergetics, to train coaches and holistic practitioners in becoming the most influential and motivating health and wellness leaders. SBMC graduates become masters of navigating resistance to change and are making impacts in health care, wellness, education, entrepreneurship, finance, and prison reform.
“I’ve been working in the field of somatic therapy and coaching for many years and have been through lots of programs.  The Somatic Coaching Academy somatic coaching certification program is chock full of incredible value and is at least a 25K program.”

Nancy Jonker, PhD

Q: I’m not a coach. Is this program for me?

A: If you are a service professional who works with clients or staff and you desire to have a skill set that can quickly help people move from resistant and stuck into empowered and inspired quickly, YES, this program is for you! This program is perfect for social service professionals and managers who manage people problems all day.

Q: I’m already a coach. How is this different from other coaching programs?

A: Established coaches train with us because Sensation-Based Motivation is the most complete, the most effective, and the most sustainable way to help your clients create personal transformations. Statistically most people who receive coaching services do not transform their life results. Most coaches would say that “not everyone is willing to change.” What we say is, a skilled somatic coach trained in sensation-based motivation coaching understands that the only thing blocking a person from making positive changes in their lives is resistance. Resistance that can not be intellectualized (as most of it can’t) MUST be met with a wholistic, somatic (body-centered) approach like Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching. Yes, established coaches train with us.

Q: I work at a day job and have yet to start my own business, but I want to. Is this program for me?

A: Maybe. SBMC can make you a much more valuable employee. We also give you the bonuses you need to build a thriving business. That being said, SBMC is very high level curriculum and we want to make sure you will have the desired results following your training. It’s best for us to have a phone conversation to determine your if this program is a good match for you and your desires.

Q: I’m already a coach but I have had trouble filling my practice. I’m not great with marketing. Can this program help me?

A: Yes! When you know who you are at the “core” figuring out who you serve and how you serve them becomes very simple. This will be a part of your personal transformation in the program.

Why is the Level 1 and Level 2 program combined 9 months long? Isn't that a long time?

A: Our coaches are not only expected to learn content and demonstrate competencies, they are expected to use and embody the SBMC tools and methodology to create their own life transformations. It takes 9 months to make a human being and it takes 9 months to make a qualified, highly trained SBMC coach. Breakthroughs can occur in a moment. True lasting transformation takes time... it takes 9 months.

Q: I would love to join this program, but the investment is too large for me. I will join if I can find the money.

A: Money consciousness is a BIG part of the discussion in our network among our students because for many of our students, the breakthrough they are looking for is around money specifically. Here is truth: Money is energy. And if you do not have enough of it and want more, you do not have a money problem, you have an energy problem. Our clients have experienced results all the way from getting their first client check to quadrupling revenue in an established seven figure business. These results are real, but not guaranteed because the amount of money you can gain from this program FAR exceeds your investment, however you will have to put the action steps in place to make it happen. If you would love to join the program, your first step is to schedule an interview, and if accepted, make a decision to join. Then, and only then, can the money become available to you to pay for tuition. The money doesn’t come first, a decision comes first. 
*We are committed to having a diverse group of certified SBMC coaches. If your background and ethnicity has put you in a position of societal disadvantage, and you are interested in the program, please contact us. Scholarships may be available!

Q: I’m a therapist and would love to make more money and have more free time. I’ve considered becoming a coach, but it seems so superficial. What do you think?

A: Ani and Brian will tell you… they weren’t considering becoming coaches either! Coaching can be a profound journey of self discovery and a phenomenal way to help your clients get in touch with the truth of who they are. If that sounds exciting… we should talk.

Q: This program sounds like it’s for therapists, but I’m not a therapist.

A: Have you ever felt like you should have a therapists couch in your office because people come to you with personal problems you didn’t feel qualified to help them with? Yep… thought so 😉

“I more than doubled my investment in the somatic coaching certification program within a year after graduation, going from charging $75/h as a fitness instructor to offering “all-in” transformational packages.”

Kasia Brzeszcz

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